Spicy spinach paneer

This is one of those great winter into spring recipes. In fact, it’s one of my go-to staples all year round. You can make it richer and creamier in winter by adding double cream, and lighter in the warmer months by adding Greek yoghurt. The good news for my fellow THM dieters, is that it’s a nice healthy S meal to boot!

For my UK readers, paneer is readily available from your local supermarket (I buy mine from Sainsbury’s) or a larger Indian/Asian store. It has quite a long use-by date too, so I usually stock up on a few packets. I buy the pre-cubed brand, but there’s also a block that some supermarkets sell that you cut up into cubes yourself.

Frozen spinach works best for this recipe, plus you get so much more spinach when you buy it like that.

It’s makes a quick, healthy and filling supper, served with rice (as I’m low carbing, I just eat it on its own topped with yoghurt) or chapattis. Continue reading