Review: Grayshott Health regime

A regime lunch at Grayshott

A typical lunch at Grayshott while on the digestive cleansing regime

We were a mixed bunch gathered at Grayshott spa in Surrey on a sunny winter morning – 16 of us in total, ages ranging from 30s to 80s, all female apart from one man with his wife.

The conspicuous blue rubber bands around our wrists marked us out as a ‘special group’ – not exactly ‘nil by mouth’, but we faced a week of challenging food restrictions as willing participants on the spa’s ‘digestive cleansing’ regime.

The premise of the Grayshott programme is quite simple – if your gut is not working, then neither will anything else. As the Grayshott team state: “Get your digestion in good shape and all other systems in your body can restore, cleanse, and balance.”

Sounds great. Now what do I actually get to eat?? Continue reading

Ice cold in Austria – my journey to minus 110 degrees C

Whole body cryotherapy

How low can you go? The Icelab at The Alpen Hotel takes you to the limits of cold tolerance

So the heatwave in the UK continues (I can hear our Australian friends chuckling about our ‘searing’ 30 degree heat!) and while I don’t want to complain about the fab weather, I’m feeling a little bit uncomfortable and hot under the collar.

So I thought I’d take the temperature down a bit – well quite a bit actually. This post is about a spa trip to Austria, where I was effectively locked in a freezer, a really, really cold freezer – all for the benefit of my good health of course…. Continue reading

Spa time in Marrakech

Marrakech spa

Les Bains de Marrakech: A rose petal-filled bathing room

As a leisure and wellness journalist I often get the chance to visit some beautiful spas, both near and far. Overseas travel has been on hold for a while as I’ve been enjoying my first year of motherhood. As I gradually get back to more writing assignments, I’d like to share with you a few stories from past trips. It might be a memorable treatment at a boutique spa somewhere, or a trip to a medical wellness resort, or a little known yoga retreat. All good places to be. Continue reading