Sweet little cabbage cakes


These are great, easy to whip-up little snacks or lunch-type patties that your children will love – provided you leave out the word ‘cabbage’ of course.

They only require a few simple ingredients that are most likely to be lurking in your fridge or freezer – namely sweetcorn (frozen or canned is fine), cabbage (I used a sweetheart cabbage, but any white cabbage is suitable) and eggs.

If you want to make them low carb, then skip the addition of flour. They’ll be a little more delicate and moist, but still hold together pretty well. Continue reading

Fluffy low carb pancakes

Fluffy low carb pancakes

These are really filling and satisfying, and only require a couple of extra easy steps compared to a regular pancake batter, ie you simply need to separate the eggs and whisk the egg whites.

That’s the secret to their pleasing fluffiness and texture.

There are all sorts of things you can use to make low carb pancakes, such as coconut flour (expensive), ground flaxseed (high in nutrition, but they do have a particular taste), oat fibre (this is a new one for me, having been introduced to the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating – it’s not at all the same as oat flour), and of course, ground almonds, which is what these pancakes use. Ground almonds are easy to pick up in the supermarket, and very cheap if you shop at places like Aldi and Lidl. They contribute a great texture, without an overpowering flavour. Continue reading