Sauté potato Caesar salad

Saute potato caesar salad

This low calorie Caesar dressing is a nice balance to the lightly fried potatoes in this easy side dish

Crispy sautéed potatoes, crunchy green beans and a lovely creamy dressing that tastes luxurious but isn’t loaded with calories. I think we have the makings of a wonderful summer side dish!

Caesar dressing is pretty versatile, especially when it’s a light version like this one. Of course, you can use it on a classic Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, and toss some chicken in there if you’re needing some protein. You can use it to liven up some steamed veggies (and in this case, some potatoes) and I often use it to dress a healthy, homemade coleslaw. Continue reading

Warm cauliflower salad


This is one of those dishes (like my caponata recipe) that really just tastes better slightly warmed or at room temperature. Although I’m sure there’d be no complaints if you served it chilled either.

It was inspired by my visit to Foodilic in Brighton a few weeks ago (read the review here). Their cauliflower salad also contained cooked quinoa (you could always add a cup to the recipe below if you wanted to), plus some dried pomegranate seeds, which I don’t think I’d actually tried before. It was really good, and one of their stand-out salad dishes. My creation contains some slightly different ingredients, but I’d like to think it tastes just as good! Continue reading