Orange and sesame glazed tofu

For many people, tofu is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Actually, I think a lot of people decide they hate it without ever even trying it. Maybe it’s the colour, or lack of it, or the perceived texture. Personally I really like it. It’s a good source of vegetarian-friendly protein, and you can jazz it up with all sorts of flavours, as it absorbs whatever you put it with.

It’s readily available in all the supermarkets, and as always, it’s better value if you buy it from one of the specialist Asian/Oriental stores.

This recipe is for a sweet citrus glaze, or if you decide not to reduce it so much, it could be more like a sauce. It’s light and refreshing and makes a very simple supper, served with crunchy green veg and some rice on the side. Continue reading